The best feeds to follow for kids' lunchbox inspiration.

The kids are back at school and the lunchbox is back in vogue – but not just among competitive parents trying to outdo each other on social media. Driven by the craze for Japanese-style Bento Boxes, #lunch and #lunchbox are receiving millions of hits on Instagram, with office workers also getting in on the act. And there was us thinking a ham sandwich, battered apple and packet of Cheesy Wotsits would do. It won’t.

Check these feeds out for inspiration.


Victoria Deranitz is an Amsterdam-based hair and make-up artist but also makes a darned fine lunchbox for her 6 year old daughter with accoutrements including plastic eyes, flags, writing and little bunny rabbits all added for extra cute factor come lunchtime.


This New Zealand mum of three features healthy lunchbox ideas and recipes – and she always includes info on what has been packed. Carrot sticks, cucumber, orange, green grapes, a date and coconut ball, ham and cheese toothpicks and a peanut butter and jam sandwich, plus pretzels and wanuts feature in this lunchbox (pictured). If only we were kids again – and our own 80s mums had tried a bit harder.


It’s not the just the mums who are at it. This Australian dad has clocked up 660 posts dedicated to his two children’s lunchboxes. We love this idea of Grissini bread sticks dipped into avocado mashed in its skin – not sure it would look as pretty after a morning of classes though.


Nutritious, delicious family food is the name of the game for another Aussie parent and lunchbox lover, mum of twins, Bernadette. Some great pics here and lots of inspiration. Check out her website for some lovely muffin recipes – a winner in any lunchbox – and, let’s face it, sure to be wolfed before any healthy fruit or veg element is even considered.


Panda-shaped rice balls, nori-whiskered kitty-cats, creatures made from hard-boiled eggs, be thankful that you’re not a parent in Japan, where the craze for bento boxes that are both healthy and adorably designed are becoming the norm at school lunchtimes – with parents feeling the pressure to measure up. Just check out @bentomonsters to see what you are up against. Gulp.


If you fancy yourself as a lunchbox ‘artiste’, step this way. Lunch Boxes with Love sells bright and vibrant lunchboxes and other lunchbox accessories while providing plenty of visual inspiration via its Instagram feed. Buy all the kit and start impressing insta-friends with your own lunchbox creations.

Updated August 2018