Take a seat in the slow-lane with these beautiful, authentic Italian recipes.

Can there be any food in the world greater than that of the Italians? This is the question one asks oneself when browsing the fantastic Italian cooking of blogger, Emiko Davies.

Half-Japanese, half-Australian, Emiko moved to Florence twelve years ago with the intention of staying for a year, but the food, the culture and a certain barman (to whom she is now married) meant that she never left. We are all the luckier for it thanks to her blog (and now books), which share some of her considerable passion for traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Emiko revels in the slower aspects of cooking that authentic Italian cooking demands. Tuscan stews, braises, soups and ragus are nurtured and adored; beautiful ingredients such as pale, ribbed courgettes from the market or tiny, sweet mussels (cozze) from Taranto; and all food is made by hand with love.

Little wonder that her husband-to-be vowed to marry her the first time she cooked for him – orecchiette con broccoli – and he didn’t even like broccoli.

This is a blog to take one’s time with in an age when we rush over everything. Browse recipes by starters and snacks, first courses, second courses, side dishes and salads, desserts, drinks or bread, cheese and preserves for delights including Pappa al Pomodoro (Tuscan bread and tomato soup) , slow-braised stuffed squid and Beans cooked in a Tuscan Jar. Then set aside some time, and get cooking the way cooking was always meant to be done.

June 2017