If you love rhubarb but are sick of rhubarb crumble (impossible!), you can still make the most of rhubarb season (April to June) with these six alternative recipes.

While there is always a place in our heart for a rhubarb crumble (and no better time to eat it than in rhubarb season), there are many other ways to enjoy this most quintessentially English of early summer ingredients. Here are just six alternative rhubarb recipes to try before the season is out.

Nutty Rhubarb Oatmeal by Pastry Affair

The perfect weekend breakfast, this recipe from Pastry Affair combines traditional brown sugar oatmeal with almonds, flaxseed, vanilla and the tart flavour of rhubarb. Take it outside and enjoy in the first slice of summer morning sun.

Mackerel with Spiced Rhubarb Relish by Diana Henry

Mackerel and rhubarb is widely regarded as a winning culinary combo and this recipe from Diana Henry is proof. A great dinner party starter or mid-week dinner, it makes the most of your rhubarb glut with light, clean and refreshing flavours.

Pork with Black Pudding and Roasted Rhubarb by BBC Good Food

Always a reliable source for recipes, BBC Good Food has come up trumps with this savoury rhubarb dish. Prepared to be amazed by the winning textures and flavours of pork, black pudding and roasted rhubarb – a dinner party dish that will guarantee to impress.

Rhubarb Queen of Puddings by Daylesford

Die and go to heaven with this Rhubarb Queen of Puddings. Marrying the quintessentially British Queen of Puddings (made classically with custard spread with jam and a meringue topping) and rhubarb with custard and brown sugar baked under the grill, it really is a pudding fit for a queen.

Rhubarb Gin Cocktail by The Boy Who Bakes

Having grown up in Bradford, Yorkshire, on the edge of the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ (yes, really), there’s nothing Edd Kimber a.k.a The Boy Who Bakes doesn’t know about rhubarb. His site has loads of brilliant rhubarb recipes but it’s this rhubarb gin that caught our eye at 6pm on a Wednesday evening – your gin and tonic will never be the same again.

Rhubarb and Ginger Brûlée by Delia Smith

Much easier and quicker to make than a traditional brûlée, this recipe from good old Delia tops baked ginger and rhubarb with a rich combination of cream, yoghurt and loads of brown sugar – the perfect summer pudding.

June 2018