The GWG rounds up the very best sites for all your discerning coffee lovers...

With London playing host to the annual Coffee Festival this weekend and to mark UK Coffee Week, we've scoured the web for the very best sites for caffeine lovers. Wether it's pure roasted Arabica you're after or a very Italian bean for your espresso there's no stone left unturned when it comes to this incredible list of sites. Never again will you be hunting down that tired half empty jar of Nescafe... The London Coffee Festival starts this weekend at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. For tickets go to

Small Batch Coffee

The best things really do come in small packages. This coffee company strives to bring the best service to everyone they encounter from their roasters to their home drinking enthusiasts. They haven’t cut any corners with their chic cutting edge interface either, log onto an elegant grey and turquoise domain that will make your shopping experience ultra enjoyable.

Grumpy Mule

Coffee sellers Grumpy Mule have been supplying the food service industry for thirty years. This wealth of experience has held the family owned business in good stead as has their altruistic support of several major charities; amongst them Café Femenino Project and The Lorna Young Foundation. Priding themselves on their fair trade credentials the company supply top quality coffee beans to the whole of the UK with free delivery on orders over £25.

Real Coffee

This family run company offer you single origin, blended and ethical coffee by country. For first time visitors, consider buying the trial packs in their three categories, World, Espresso and Organic & Ethical. Buy more than three packets (227g), to get the best discounts (coffee keeps well in the freezer!). They also have a selection of gifts including ‘Gold Collection Coffees’; some of the highest spec beans in the world. If you’re tired of your PG Tips, then scour their collection of teas – a nice addition to their main range.


Need that caffeine fix but forget to buy the beans? Not anymore! has coffee by subscription, simply order either Green or Roasted Coffee weekly or monthly and receive the brand’s choice of bean for that period. If you have time on your hands then follow ‘In my Mug’, a weekly show detailing the provenance of your chosen coffee menu. If you’re far from a connoisseur but want to learn more, order one of their three ‘starter packs’ giving you the opportunity to try a variety of coffees ground to your liking. Finally, peruse their extensive brewing guides either on their free app, or on your PC.

Rate my Rosetta

This site compiles stunning Latte Art from baristas around the world. The gallery of frothy creations is a fascinating peek into the world of competitive coffee making. There is an area on Latte Art Books and DVDs as well as coffee related news and events. You can even buy your own equipment and follow their detailed advice on how to make your own Latte Art. Put your local coffee shop to shame!

Le Cafe Shop

This Gourmet Coffee Boutique delivers speciality coffees, accessories and professional standard machines complete with a buying guide to help you decide. The coffee comparison page helps you choose the blend that suits your drinking habits and your budget. There are also fabulous gift packs for that special someone who deserves an indulgent treat. Valentines Day may be over but there’s always room for an extra gift!

The London Coffee Guide

A detailed guide to the caffeinated land of London. Once a member of The London Coffee Guide (make sure you sign up!) you can access information on all notable coffee establishments and suppliers across the capital with reviews and news updated regularly. The 176 page coffee guide 2012 is also available for sale from the website.

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth are at the top of their game when it comes to locating and sourcing mouth-wateringly aromatic coffee that is sustainable, ‘fair and equal trade’. Whilst you can’t buy direct from the site, you can mail order by contacting the company. Further the sharp elegant domain will guide you to their host of retail outlets across London. The quality and consistency of Monmouth coffee has long been admired in The GWG office, it’s our cup of choice on a Monday morning and that’s saying something!

Workshop Coffee

The Australian roastery behind Wigmore Street’s cutting edge ‘Sensory Lab’ and Clerkenwell’s Cafe and Dining Room, this quirky company are obsessed with quality, giving you the most inclusive connoisseur experience.  They don’t yet offer online buying opportunities but are well worth a visit regardless. We’ve often been spotted in the Wigmore street branch of Sensory Lab on a Saturday!

25th April 2012.