An affordably posh, enduringly popular favourite.

These are the websites where you can buy some of the best smoked salmon.
Forman and Field An extensive list put together by H. Forman & Son, Britain's oldest salmon smokers. They have won numerous awards for quality, taste and presentation. There is some interesting gravadlax cured with a number of different ingredients: wasabi, orange and cinnamon, apple and cumin and thai.

Loch Duart Artisan Smokehouse
This reared Atlantic salmon is smoked using a variety of wood shavings which gives subtly different results. The salmon is juicy but firm with a flaky texture, enabling it to be used in a number of ways. Nick Nairn chose this smoked salmon for the Gourmet Britain banquet in Shanghai hosted by Tony Blair. He uses it in one of his signature dishes, serving it with a mango and avocado salsa.

Hebridean Smokehouse
This family run business on North Uist peat smokes salmon, sea trout and scallops, all landed locally. They also produce hot smoked salmon, which you can buy sliced or as a whole side. The scallops are lightly smoked and then cooked before slicing thinly. They are delicious on blinis.

Bleiker's Family Smokehouse
A wide range of smoked salmon and other meats are available from this family run business in the Nidderdale Valley. Bleikers use Scottish 'freedom food' salmon and then smoke it with apple wood. The Romanov salmon is cured with beetroot, sugar, dill, black and yellow mustard seeds. The smoked salmon marinated in a peaty malt whisky is superb.

The Organic Smokehouse
This smokehouse believes smoking to be the continuance of an ancient craft, which yields an addition to the overall flavour of a product, rather than providing a substitute taste. They use the traditional draft method with air-dried naturally fallen Shropshire oak. It's a slow process but gives the end product great depth. They have won an award at the Organic Food Awards. As well as selling smoked salmon, you can buy smoked olive oil, smoked butter and smoked Halen Mon sea salt.