Gunpowder, treason and plot make for hungry work. These are the sustaining bonfire night recipes to keep the cold out and energy levels up.

Whether you’re in it for the ‘oooohing’ and ‘aaaahing’ at pretty fireworks, or you take King James I’s survival of the gunpowder plotter as cause for serious commemoration, one thing is certain: being out after dark, usually with children in tow, is hunger-inducing. Not to mention often cold. It pays, then, to have some warming treats up your sleeve. These are our favourites, whether you scoff them while out and about, or as restorative feasts once installed back at home to marvel at the displays from the comfort and warmth.

Catherine Wheel Toad In The Hole

BBC Good Food

If you really want to impress Guy Fawkes Night revellers, whip up this show-stopper of a supper ahead of time; it is, after all, the ideal thing to entice them back from giddy local celebrations with. Hearty and warming, it is served up, with honey and mustard onions, in the shape of a Catherine Wheel, making it as on point as can be for tonight’s celebrations. Find the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Melts With Rosemary, Garlic & Chilli

Olive Magazine

Slow cooked baked potatoes in tin foil are classic Bonfire Nigh fare. We like this fresh take on it, which instead uses sweet potatoes, with rosemary, garlic and a kick of chilli for some much-needed warmth. The cheese, meanwhile, delivers a hit of gooey, salty goodness. We highly recommend loading them into tin foil boats and eating on the go as you appreciate the fireworks, sparklers, bonfires and effigies while staying warm and fed. Find the recipe here.

Baked Potato Soup

Jamie Oliver

This stretch of late autumn really is all about soups and baked potatoes. And what better thing for Bonfire Night, then, than to combine both warming staples? We love Jamie’s baked potato soup, which is the stuff of pure comfort. You’ll need three baked potatoes, butter, an onion, optional parmesan rind, veg stock, sour cream and some chives. Simple and perfect – and only improved by taking it out in mugs from which to sip, all while warming glove-clad hands admirably on Guy Fawkes Night. Find the recipe here.

Glazed Sausages With Beer And Mustard Onions Recipe


Simple, hearty and easy-to-put-together: the trio of tick boxes when it comes to Guy Fawkes Night feasting. These sticky sausages hit the spot perfectly, their charred quality somehow appropriate for a night upon which we convene around the bonfire. If you want to eat it on the go, why not load it all into a hot dog bap, ideally with the mustard onions piled high? Find the recipe here.

Squash, Sage And Chestnut Rolls

Jamie Oliver

If you are hosting a Bonfire Night party, or you simply want to load a few nibbles into a tin to take with you as you carouse, these Squash, Sage And Chestnut Rolls are just the ticket. They pack in plenty of festive, autumnal flavours; are filling enough to soak up the quantities of mulled cider you might drink; and they’re easily transportable. Ideal fare for an evening of firework appreciation. Find the recipe here.

Mulled Cider


Bonfire Night is, as far as we’re concerned, the turning point from which it wholly acceptable to start drinking mulled concoctions with abandon. Cider is the best of them all in our books, and this recipe is perfection. As Nigella writes, ‘This mulled cider is mellow and fruity and, despite the rum sploshed in as well, mild to the taste and all too drinkable. Just make sure you don’t swig while it’s still mouth-burningly hot.’ Take a flask with you to pour into enamel mugs as you parade around your local town/park/ recreation ground and bask in the envy of those around you (or, alternatively, you could even share). Find the recipe here.

Rahul’s Spiced Fireworks Biscuits

The Great British Bakeoff

A sweet tooth does not go into abeyance just because it’s Bonfire Night. We say it’s an excellent moment to indulge it with special treats, and there is no better way than in the form of these dazzlingly good fireworks biscuits, courtesy of GBBO’s Rahul. Ready, steady… BAKE. Find the recipe here.

By Nancy Alsop
November 2021

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