If you download only one wine app, make it this one.

Already proving itself as a quite transformational asset to this particular wine drinker’s life, the Vivino app has been dubbed “the wine app for normal people” for good reason.

The basic idea is to provide a centralised database where ordinary wine drinkers can scan, star-rate, and, if they feel very strongly, add tips and personal notes to each and every bottle of wine that they drink.


It’s all very easy and quick, and, for the hapless drinker chugging down the wine aisle of his local supermarket, it makes shopping for a reasonable plonk that bit easier. By following other drinkers, you can see what your close friends have been drinking lately and where, and, if you really like something, you can add it to your wishlist for future reference.


According to the app’s founder, Heini Zachariassen, the wines it covers are not going to be fine wines, but you’ll be surprised what you find on there when you scan even rare and above-averagely delicious wines - in a restaurant, for example. It’s all down to Vivino's huge, proactive and ever-growing wine community, crowd-sourcing information on an area of life that is, let’s face it, rather important at the end of a long day.

August 2015