Tony Brennand from Digital Marmalade chooses some favourite apps.

Tony Brennand is a London-based website champion. He is Commercial Director of award winning web design company Digital Marmalade. His firm began in 1997 allowing him to be there at the birth of the web as a business tool. Whilst digital boomed, so did Digital Marmalade, growing to ten people and increasing its offering to include video, audio, 3D and to begin developing complex business solutions. This week, Tony shines the spotlight on apps that are well designed and have a good user journey.


I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love Airbnb and the app perfectly assists the whole process. The app is efficient whether researching for properties, booking a trip or communicating with a host. I love the way you can use the map and various settings to pre-filter the options, and once booked, have a direct log with the host.


Google Trips is a relatively new app by Google. It brings the best of their online services, such as search and maps, together in one handy app. So if you are planning a trip, it allows you to download the city offline (so no data roaming charges) and uses all the best elements of the web to help you have a perfect stay. From restaurant ratings to local maps, through to inspirational ideas of what to do, it is a perfect offline guide.


More banking transactions currently happen via mobile phones than on the web or at high street branches. Whilst banks don’t have a great reputation at the moment, NatWest’s app is at least doing something right, by taking the pain out of managing your money. As someone who can’t go into a local branch, and tires of online security issues, the Natwest app makes it simple. A quick login procedure with great UX to allowing me to review my accounts, pay contacts quickly (normally my wife and kids!) and even access emergency money when I’ve lost my card. It’s the perfect banking app - it does what I need without any fuss!


As someone who works in a digital environment it is not a surprise that any app that makes my work life easier is on my shortlist. Slack is an exercise in pure simplicity. It makes collaboration and communication easy when you’re away from your desk. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the app itself, but it’s a perfect extension of the Slack suite of tools, which makes work feel social and fun. Let me put it this way, I’ll find myself checking Slack on my phone 10 times more often than I check my email.


I love music so having virtually every song at my beck and call is perfect. I like the Spotify app primarily because it allows you to download and play your music without heavy data charges. It also allows my family to access their favourite music without any difficulty. The most amazing feature of Spotify is the ability to show me music I like that I never knew existed. The coupling of their powerful algorithms and pre-defined playlists such as ‘New Releases for You’ and ‘Just For You’ along with quick jumps to recent playlists, make the whole process of enjoying and listening to music a painless pleasure.

November 2016