Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. These apps can help make insomnia a distant memory.

We’ve come in for quite a shock of late here at The GWG when faced with the science behind sleep. Did you realise just quite how detrimental it is to miss out? Or merely to under sleep by an hour or two each night? Just look up fatal familial insomnia. TRailing far behind exercise in the public consciousness, we’re here to tell you to revise your sleeping habits and do it pronto! Luckily there are apps out there that can help without the rigmarole of having to go and buy hardware. These are our top five...


This is perhaps one of the best known of the sleep apps, for its quite revolutionary ability to measure your sleep patterns and guide you out of slumber at the least invasive time for your body (and ergo your mind). As the top paid app in almost every country in Europe and beyond, these developers are certainly doing something right.


This software has been developed by world renowned scientists dedicated (even NASA has benefitted from their sleep improving opinions), to helping you get a good eight hours. If these guys can't get you to sleep, no one can.


Oh how we love the ethereal tinkling that emanates from our phone on powering up this app, if music be the food of sleep, play on. Please note this is also particularly brilliant for yoga and babies that need calming.

RELAX & SLEEP by Glenn Harold

OK, so the design may be a little twee, but the theory is sound. Meditation, long known as the panacea when it comes to the frantic whirring of the mind can also be used to help when it comes to falling into a refreshing slumber. In-app purchases are required but when you’ve had an uninterrupted nine hours you won’t be complaining.

April 2016