An app with an almost magical ability that helps us levitate to another sphere of consciousness.

Oh what bliss it was the evening we discovered Sleepmaker Rain. You may have seen our curated list of sleep apps, but we just had to single this one out for its charming, not to mention almost magical ability, to make us levitate to another sphere of consciousness. The benefits of hearing water trickling and bubbling away have long been known in the Orient, but never taken quite so seriously in the West.

We’re here to tell you that the delightfully soothing melody of rain water is where it’s at. Oh how we love this app, the screen even turns off to save battery (why can’t all apps do this!?), and there’s a programmable sleep timer, pretty moving images to accompany the pitter patter of water, and it’s free! Need we say more. Download here.

April 2016