Robyn Exton of HER, the dating app helping women to meet, focusing on the lesbian, bisexual and queer female market, shares her favourite apps.

Robyn Exton is the founder of Her, the largest dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Focussing on the unique ways women want to meet and talk to each other, Her is finally answering what women want. After realising that no one had ever made a platform truly for lesbian and bisexual women, Robyn quit her job, learnt to code and started to build Her as an app that was truly based on how the LGBTQ community wanted to meet and socialise. With content, events and community sections, Her is opening up opportunities for LGBTQ women that never existed before.

Robyn is also a co-organiser of GeekGirl Meetup UK, a monthly event where inspiring women talk about the latest tech trends, and she’s the Technology Editor for ELLE UK magazine. She is also shortlisted for the Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award 2016.


Slack - Our whole company runs through Slack. With people in every time zone and around the clock working, we're all online, all the time. Slack keeps everything in one place and makes staying in touch easy as possible. And it has the best Giphy integration.

Snapchat - I'm a bit behind here but am finally getting into Snapchat. It's obsessive and irreverent and I kind of love it.

ClassPass - The best way for me to workout. I book individual classes at studios as and when I need and they run in almost every city I have to travel to for work.

Her - I'm a user as well as working on the app. So it's probably about 50% of my phone usage, I get all my LGBTQ news from the app and find out what's happening in an area when I'm travelling.

toDoist - I'd been using notebook lists forever but finally moved over to do a digital version and toDoist is ace for me. Deadlines, collaborative lists, the satisfying check box, I love it.

April 2016