Paula Gardner

Paula Gardner, founder of Soothed in the City, shares her travel favourites. focuses on mindful, slow travel that soothes the soul. Founder, Paula Gardner shares her favourite travel apps that help to keep her trips calm and stress-free.


TripAdvisor - This does get a bit of bad publicity every now and again but there’s nothing like it for getting reviews on everything from restaurants to tourist attractions. I’ve been trying to eat gluten free due to some health issues and it’s great for local and tourist reviews of gluten free restaurants and whether they really live up to their name.

FlightTrack - This one can be seriously addictive as you can get information on flights all over the world including delays, cancellations and details on how to get to departure gates. I not only use it for my own flights but keeping an eye on friends and family too... my inner stalker!

WhatsApp - Texts can get expensive abroad, especially if you’re sending photos, so using WhatsApp on the hotel wifi is my preferred way of communication. I like the way my phone automatically saves all the photos I’ve sent or received in WhatsApp too so I can delete a thread and not worry about any pictures I may have lost... and you can imagine that as a travel writer I end up with a lot of photos!

TravelSafe Pro - Having done PR for a travel insurance company, I realised how important it is to be able to reach out very quickly if there is an emergency. This is database of emergency numbers that can hopefully get you out of any situation wherever you may be in the world, including Embassies.

Google Translate - This is perfect for those menus that you just can’t fathom!

Zazen Meditation - Meditating every day helps me keep calm and stay centred and this little app counts you into a meditation of ten mins, which I find is just enough for me to feel the benefits without stressing about “wasting time”. The best thing about this is that it blocks any notifications or noises from your phone whilst it’s on so you can really meditate but not worry about falling asleep!

Dropbox - Having once had my phone stolen and all my photos with it, I now back them up to Dropbox. Indeed this app does it automatically for me every time I log into wifi. This also means that I can go through all my old pictures even when I’m on the move and pop one up onto Instagram even if I’m not inspired by anything that day.

ColorNote - Great for note taking, this lets you create notes or a checklist that you can tick off as you go. I use it for packing lists, plus as a notebook if inspiration strikes when I’m on the road. You can also colour code them for work, blog, fun etc which helps you find what you’re looking for much more easily.

April 2015