Lisa Orban of Golden Notebook

Lisa Orban, clinical psychologist and founder of Golden Notebook, shares her favourite apps for pers

Bringing together her extensive training, experience and passion in both psychology and branding, Lisa Orban founded Golden Notebook. A chartered clinical psychologist, Lisa trained and practised in New York City for eleven years before relocating to London.

Lisa helps clients make a name for themselves by discovering their distinct and authentic personal brand. She takes a unique approach to personal branding that combines psychological assessment and theory with branding strategies to create for powerful and enduring individual change and personal impact. Lisa shares some favourite apps for personal development.

Headspace and Insight Meditation - These are two Apps that I often recommend to my clients to help them with their meditation practice. Headspace is a little more clean and colourful, and will teach you how to meditate. Insight Meditation has a slightly more new agey feel, but a huge range of guided meditations so you won’t get bored.

Go Mad Thinking App - This is a goal setting app that takes you a process that gets you thinking about all parts of your goal: is it realistic, how are you going to get support, and how will you measure it? It’s a tool that the company uses to coach organisations, but it’s very effective for individuals planning changes in their own life.

Pocket - If you ever think “Oh I’ll come back to that later” when you spot an interesting article online, but then forget all about it, this keeps all those articles ready for when you’ve a spare moment on the train or in a waiting room. You can even create categories for your articles, so you can decide if you feel like reading some inspirational articles, or ones that tie in with your work or hobby etc.

Monefy - Keeping track of your finances may seem more like an admin skill, but this clever little app lets you categorise what you are spending your money on and so gives you an at a glance perspective of how balanced or not your life actually is. You get a visual clue on whether you’re are spending too much cash on drinks and eating out, and how much of your income is actually going on your mortgage and paying the bills. Armed with knowledge like this, you can decide how much you should be saving, or whether you need to propel yourself further in your career and aim for a bigger salary, or , do the opposite and downsize your debts, bills and responsibilities.

City Mapper - This clever app has won many prizes. It can get you from A to B in London (and many other cities) by interesting walking routes and shows every form of transport, including fares, times and an alternative for those tube strike days. I encourage my clients to walk as much as possible between meetings, as it helps with clarity and clearing the mind, as well as get in some physical exercise, and this App is very empowering.

17 July 2015