Like Minders Babysitting App

Book babysitters whilst on the go with London’s favourite childcare agency, Like Minders.

Booking a babysitter has never been easier with London’s favourite babysitting and childcare agency, Like Minders and its app. With fifteen years in the industry, Like Minders prides itself in supplying safe, flexible and reliable DBS checked childcarers in London and beyond.


The app was launched in November 2014, the first of its kind in the UK, allowing parents to book regular daytime care, a last minute evening babysitter or emergency cover, all in a matter of a few taps.

Director, Georgie Jones explained, "With apps having revolutionised the taxi and dating industry, we thought it was time for the childcare industry to catch up. However, perhaps unlike some such app services, Like Minders always turns up and never disappoints!"

Like Minders has over 3,000 clients, many of whom already make booking online and via their smart phones or tablets. The new app means that members can organise childcare whilst on the go. They can make bookings, view and amend their profiles and view their calendar to check/revise future bookings.

The Like Minders app is free and you'll need to register with the agency in order to ake bookings. Coverage is limited to London at present but will soon extend to Surrey with childcare. Download the iTunes app here.


"Everything always runs like clockwork. You always go out of your way, which we are eternally grateful for (especially for the last minute requests!)." Quintessentially

"It’s a great service that we can rely on for last minute bookings. We are very happy to be using Like Minders." The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair, London


Like Minders is London’s favourite babysitting and flexible childcare agency providing direct and trusted access to high quality babysitters and childcarers throughout London and Surrey. Membership is from £12 per month and the booking fee is £4.

January 2015