Camille Genevard, Sales and Marketing Director at MedicAnimal, shares her favourite apps.

Camille Genevard is the Sales and Marketing Director at MedicAnimal, the leading online pet healthcare retailer. Founded in October 2007 by Ivan Retzignac and Andrew Bucher, the site offers a comprehensive catalogue of pet products that range from prescription medicines to premium quality pet foods and accessories. Over the last few years, MedicAnimal has been listed 11th in the Top 100 Tech Track of the Sunday Times, ranking 15th in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, and featuring in the Red Herring Top 100 Companies, among other accolades.


Slack - Have you heard of an app that replaces emails, live chats, (endless) meetings, sticky notes, reminders, calendars and shared documents at the same time? You now have: Slack does all of that for you! Best collaborative work tool ever!

Ocado - I know what you’re thinking…grocery shopping is the single most boring thing you could think ok…The Ocado app manages to turn into something that’s actually fun, very useful and super easy. It reminds you when to get what and always gets it right when telling you what you’ve forgotten. Fitting something as complex as an online supermarket into an app only experience is pretty impressive!

Hotel Tonight - This app only service allows you to find last minute same-day hotel rooms in amazing, nice, boutique hotels throughout the world, for a fraction of the price. Very helpful for last minute business trips or get-away weekends. Never sleep in expensive chain hotel rooms again!

Dubsmash - Yes…I know…Another stupid little app but what fun! Become any and all of your favourite film character in no time and share the videos with your friends. Very clever use of the “viral videos” recipes combined with social media!

CityMapper - Best transport app by far! Available for all major cities throughout the world, CityMapper does all of the work for you as far as getting from you A to B, in a reliable and painless manner. The app usability is second to none (far superior to Google Maps) and will get you wherever you need to go in no time!

May 2016