Blinded by beauty? Sick of shallow dating apps? Cupid got plans for you?

Sick of superficial hookup apps? This is the question posed by new dating site, Sapio, focusing on intellectual as well as physical attraction.

Dating apps are springing up faster than we can say ‘Been here often?’ While Tinder is still the dating app ruling the roost (at least one million people pay for the premium version of the free service), new App Sapio is gathering momentum. It is described as ‘a dating app with depth’. Sounds a bit sobering, doesn’t it?

‘Sapio is an evolution in dating apps, where physical and intellectual attraction are put on an equal level,’ according to the site. This new app markets itself towards Sapiosexuals (a term for those attracted to brains rather than appearance). Instead of being blinded by someone’s beauty, the challenge is to find an intellectually attractive match.

‘Our mission is to foster engaging conversations that enable people to find partners who are both physically and intellectually attractive,’ explains co-founder Kelsey Libert. First up, users are invited to answer 300 open-ended questions (don’t worry, no need to answer all). Questions range from hopes and dreams to ‘inside my head’ and hypothetical situations. Users can view other member’s answers to questions. Photos are still important as you swipe right on people you find attractive, before browsing their answers.

Download the app on iTunes.

February 2017