Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

The web equivalent of a comfort break.

So you can't sit still at your computer, think you may be suffering from ADD, why not set yourself a two minute challenge and try to Do Nothing for 2 Minutes?


Alex Tew, who brought us Million Dollar Homepage way back in 2005 when he was a student, came up with this very simple idea last year. Not surprisingly it's a website and Alex challenges you to do absolutely nothing for two minutes. Easy you might think, as you're asked to 'Just relax and listen to the waves. Don't touch your mouse or keyboard.'

Enjoy the photo of the sun setting over the ocean, the sound of waves lapping at your elbows and a ticker counting down from two minutess to zero.

You're going to be tested as you'll find your fingers surreptitiously moving back towards the keyboard without you even realising it. If you do, the movement will be picked up and you've FAILED and will need to start again.


Alex Tew is good at spinning web magic, 2.8m people have shared this on Stumbleupon, over 713,976 have liked the site on Facebook and it's been tweeted about 100,000 times.

March 2012