The Aesthetics of Procrastination

While away a few hours with writer James Harben...

The web offers us an application or tool for almost any action we could require. If we are lost, we can turn to Google Maps. A requirement of information on any given subject is available through sights such as Wikipedia, films, documentary news; all are available online. But the web offers far more than the immediately obvious to its user. Some of the more hidden peculiarities on offer are those that offer simple respite from day to day humdrum; simple but entertaining games, effects designed for nothing but the entrancement of their beauty and style, the generation of simplistic music to entertain the user. Here are a few gems of online interactive esoterica. 

Seaquence is fascinating. A simple music synthesis program with a difference, as you build up a pattern of sound with the application’s board it generates a ‘creature’ that corresponds with the sound design. The resulting effect is mesmerizing in its simplicity; a superb time to while away ten minutes if your mind needs to wander from the task in hand.


Microsoft are offering as part of the test drive of the new Internet Explorer this beautiful Touch effects physics engine, not dissimilar to Geometry wars on Xbox for those that have played it, the app allows the user to manipulate a grid through a selection of different physical effects that alter the appearance and colors on screen dependent upon the level of the users manipulation.


On a similar, but perhaps even better, level is Silk. Another physics based graphics engine, this allows the user to ‘weave’ silk strands across the screen, again depending upon the users manipulation with the cursor. The strands blend and generate color as they move; creating a very beautiful and entirely unique artwork for the user to enjoy.

by James Harben July 2012.