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Monbiot is a journalist, author, academic and activist and a significant figure in modern journalism. Books such as Captive State, Manifesto for a New World Order and Heat have brought him to worldwide prominece. Monbiot is most well known for his writings on climate change. But he has also written on corporate power, global justice and war. Like Johann Hari, Christopher Hitchens and Polly Toynbee, he provokes a response due to the comfortable assurance of his world view and his attempt to fit everything into it.


 Mr Monbiot's website is a fairly simple affair, being an archive of his weekly column in The Guardian. It also includes his Guardian blog entries. Monbiot is an accomplished and combative writer, who fights his corner well and demands engagement.


George Monbiot is known as Moonbat by detractors such as the libertarian bloggers of Samizdata. The Samizdatas believe in less government in contrast to Monbiot's insistence on the need for more. They are also extremely scornful of what they see as his alarmism over global warming. If you can judge a writer's influence by the enemies he keeps, then Monbiot is doing something right.