Slightly Foxed

If you love books, you'll love Slightly Foxed.

Slightly Foxed, the 'real reader's quarterly', is a relatively new kid on the block entertaining book lovers since its first issue in Spring 2004. Since then, there has been nothing but praise for this intelligent publication. The Times calls it 'Sparky and independent', whilst Time Out says 'Packed with anecdotes, reminiscenses and essays about books.'

Slightly Foxed sets out to entertain its readers with unusual recommendations for books, old and new but all in print. They ride independently, casting aside the best sellers that the big publishers are pushing and winkle out the more interesting. Saddle this with superb writing from a rich list of contributors as well as classic black and white illustrations, its readers could not ask for more.

If you are still not convinced, read some extracts online or buy a back issue before committing yourself. You will come across writing from the likes of Penelope Lively, Justine Hardy, Duff Hart-Davis, John Saumarez-Smith, Dervla Murphy.

A year's subscription to Slightly Foxed costs £32, which can be bought online. Naturally, we believe this makes the most perfect present, providing year round entertainment. As a stocking filler, buy The Christmas Fox, a limited edition.