Prospect Magazine: Highly readable, entertaining and informative.

Prospect was launched in 1995 by David Goodhart with the aim of being "more readable than the Economist, more relevant than the Spectator, more romantic than the New Statesman”. The magazine combines a series of essays covering all kinds of topics from Politics to Arts and Culture to Science to Economics to Sociology.

Contributing writers come from all over the world and demonstrate a wide variety of political affiliation, as a result Prospect is able to tackle events with no particular political bias. The magazine combines art reviews, interviews, debates, political polemic and general journalism.

Each month there are typically two essays, eight shorter columns and several book, music and film reviews. Online you can view this month’s edition in full, search through the archive of previous editions, look through Prospect’s calendar of events (the List) and visit their bookshop.

First Drafts, the Prospect magazine editorial blog, combines blog-style comment with regular features. While independent from the magazine the blog does provide a platform for overspill and follow-up from the magazine.

Print subscriptions include free access to all articles online. Alternatively online subscription costs £24 per annum.