London Review of Books

A serious literary magazine, worth looking at.

The London Review of Books - or the LRB as it is known - is a serious literary magazine, notable for its intelligence, radical political stance and wit. Set up in 1979, it covers the arts, politics, literature, science, history and philosophy, attracting contributions from a wide range of distinguished writers, critics and commentators. 


The LRB website functions as both taster for the print magazine and a stand-alone site. The site showcases several essays from its current edition together with the contents page and a selection of letters. The blog is updated regularly by several writers, excerpts from which sometimes feature in the print edition.

Subscribers can explore the archives by subject and contributor or by keywords through the search facility. A discount is offered on print edition subscriptions which are submitted online.


The LRB boasts excellent writing from some of the best of contemporary writers. Notable for its essay-length book reviews, the LRB comes most vividly alive when John Lanchester, Jenny Diski and Andrew O'Hagan are writing, three writers who are renowned for their lightness of touch, humour and ability to approach any topic with insight and sophistication.

16 July 2010