Literary Review

The uninspired website of an excellent publication.

The Literary Review was founded in 1979. An established feature of literary life in the UK, with a well deserved reputation for insightful, intelligent and engaged writing, the periodical is most notable for Auberon Waugh's long and celebrated editorship of it. It is also well known for the annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award, given to novelists responsible for the worst description of sex in a novel. The current holder of the title is Jonathan Littell, previous winners include Norman Mailer, A. A. Gill and Melvyn Bragg.


It would be fair to say that expense has been spared on the Literay Review website. Unlike the London Review of Books, which has made a genuine effort to make good use of the internet, the Literary Review seems to see modern technology as something of an encumbrance, with this website being little more than an advert or a mean to buy a subscription. Aside from some selected higlights of the print edition, and a brief history of the magazine, there is little to recommend the site in its current form.

16 July 2010