The Book Seer

An entertaining site for bibliophiles.

The Book Seer is a new project by design, technology and marketing consultancy Apt Labs, which offers book lovers help with their reading choices.


Type in the author and title of the last book you read and in an instant you'll be furnished with recommendations from Amazon or literary social networking site LibraryThing.

Pleasingly, The Book Seer also suggests that you check out your local bookshop or library and has links to and to help you do just that.


We put in The Music of Chance and only got recommendations of other Paul Auster novels. Then we typed in Robert Service's Comrades and were directed towards other recent works of history by Niall Ferguson, Orlando Figes and Simon Sebag Montefiore. When we tried Remains of the Day Amazon recommended a few more books by Kazuo Ishiguro, plus Midnight's Children, A Room With A View and Disgrace. We were intrigued by the recommendation of J.M. Coetzee's great novel. Although very different in subject matter, there is something in the tone that matches the exquisite crystalline grace of Ishiguro's best novel. Perhaps the best thing about The Book Seer will be the making of unexpected connections.


Blaming technology for all our woes is one of the joys of life, so if The Book Seer suggests something you go on to dislike you will be able to enjoy screaming your disappointment at your computer. No more tiptoeing around your friend hoping not to upset them with your implicit suggestion that they have terrible taste in books.