The Best Sites for Car Boot Bargains

What's in the boot?

As we tighten our purse strings and prepare ourselves for a recession, an unlikely form of British market has come back into fashion: the car boot sale. While not so long ago, a morning spent flogging your old junk from the boot of your Volvo was about as glamorous as your local chippy, these days, it is seen as a more than credible way to pass your Sunday morning. So, to help you stay with the times, we’ve tracked down some of our favourite car boot websites.


One of the fastest growing car-boot directories, this helps you to find car-boot sales local to your area and offers some handy advice to both buyers and sellers – a good thing when you consider the possible pit-falls of car-boot sales.


This is a comprehensive website, listing upcoming car-boot fairs and posting a mixture of funny, off-beat and informative news stories on its favourite subject. A great site for the dedicated car-boot sale goer.


If you like to lie-in on a Sunday, but are unwilling to miss out on the car-boot business, log onto this site from home. A virtual car-boot sale, it lets you browse, haggle and buy – all from the comfort of your bed.


In addition to providing online listings, this company publishes an Event Magazine five times a year with car boot sale information. Priding itself on regular contact with car boot sale organisers, it makes sure all information published is 100 per cent accurate.


Last, but most definitely not least on our little list is this gem of a site. A very nicely designed website with clear search categories (ie cars, antiques, crafts), a comprehensive list of UK car boots as well as reviews and organiser details.


For buyers

* Check plugs and fuses and wiring on electrical items before using them at home
* Don't be afraid to ask for a discount especially if you are buying a number of items.
* Take some change with you.
* Keep your money safe – pickpockets go car-booting too
* Take batteries with you to test if items work

For sellers

* Have a float of change. This will speed up your selling.
* A money-belt to store your cash in is safer than a plastic tub/tin sitting on your table.
* Don't knowingly sell dud items as working. What goes around comes around.
* It’s easier to sell items if you have the original packing, manuals and accessories
* Remember to smile. A miserable seller is likely to ward off buyers.

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