Best Sites for Students

Create your own slice of web magic with these brilliant sites...

Whatever time of year it is there’s always a multitude of sites ready and willing to help the humble student. With university fees rising and the job market looking decidedly more grim, it’s time we look out for the next generation. These sites can’t fail to help, whether it’s educational resources, cheap food or support with your seminars – log on now. You won’t be disappointed.

Fold it 

This site is fantastic to get you thinking in terms of discussion when it comes to expanding better contribution in class seminars. The team post transcriptions about science debates, that will get you inspired and thinking for yourself. In addition you can join in with scheduled live chats, gather original insight into your science world, and take part in developing research for something as specific as protein. Genius!


Calling all young mathematicians who just love creating and solving demon maths problems! If that’s you then head straight to where you can explore your mad genius by creating your own mathematic riddle and see if you have the right answer. For the mathematic apprentices amongst you - have no fear, enter inspired maths problems and have the answers revealed; an excellent way to practice and have your mind ingrained with a world of numbers. Select any topic from: Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics.


Is an essay deadline getting closer and closer? Have your library resources been taken by super eager students when all you want access to is those extensive critiques that will impress your lecturer and boost your grade? Then download this superb home based library with a wide range of other practices such as novel writing, blogging and publishing. Just drag and drop to cite and create your own primary library. For students it’s a must have.


As young academics you might be surprised to see Wikipedia as a top site for students. Ok so it isn’t packed with dissected analysis, but as a starting point full of quick information about absolutely anything and everything, it’s more than a little handy. Let it lead you to those more detailed critiques, keep it out of the bibliography and just remember when you receive a first, you can appreciate the great irony.

Over 600,000 students have followed Studentbean's advice and saved money with the discounts advertised on both entertainment and services (such as 2 for 1 meals, half price cinema tickets, free stuff and more) as well as handy money saving tips advice on all things studenty. How to chill a bottle of beer quickly... you could learn a thing or two.

Accommodation for Students

This site is quick and easy to use and ideal when you’re on the move. It’s simple layout, gives you a snappy look at the best prices in the most delightful student homes. Ranging from north to south London and all over the city, it offers ideal prices for your location, taking note of the AFS code, because the last thing you want when moving miles from home is to be ripped off. Students are advertising for flat mates now, so make your way down to this domain, and enjoy a very well educated rite of passage.

Browns Books for Students

Browns books for students has an extensive range of vital academic research from respected authors. With a fully equipped online library service, it is has the largest collection of titles in the U.K. - an incredible 700,000 plus stock listed titles from over 4,000 different publishers. The ordering services are simple and you can have any book you like in print should you so wish. Browns is a member of the ECIS, so international students no longer have to feel isolated when it comes to needing new publications. Offering a lightening fast delivery service, you won’t be disappointed when signing up to this universe of wisdom.

Student Recipes

A brilliant resource for fresh and healthy minds, created by students themselves, this quirky site offers you the largest collection of recipes on the web, guiding you to spend wisely and save the pennies, just when they’re needed most. If you need tips for party food, picnics, or just quick hot dinners – it’s all there in abundance. Create your own recipes and send them in, or enjoy making the ones listed. A recipe for success...

Google Scholar

Last but certainly not least we just had to acknowledge the unbelievable resource that is Google scholar, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought of creating a digital archive of scholarly literature worldwide they did a service to mankind and students everywhere. Larry and Sergey we salute you.

October 2012.