Our edit of some of the best Star Wars sites.

The Force Awakens has finally hit worldwide cinemas with tons of events, premieres, red carpets and literally anything you could think of. Star Wars has been the number 1 trending topic on vurtually every social media platform and even those who barely know the saga, couldn't help but to go with the flow.

This week, the new chapter of the beloved series hit London, with a red carpet event in Leicester Square that featured stars like Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong'o, Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford amongst others.

For those of you who count themselves as fans, and for the ones who barely know it's a space saga with a blonde guy and shiny swords, here is our edit of some of the best "Star Wars" sites.


Founded by a group of passionate fans who have built up a forum where you can discuss any relevant topic on the movie and a news section to keep up to date with the latest intel.


Founded and maintained by passionate Star Wars fans, the Star Wars Underworld is a site "for fans, by fans". It strives to uphold a fan-first attitude and family-friendly environment in which fans of all ages can engage in constructive conversation and spread the word about their creative projects.


Jedi News is Europe's #1 Star Wars fan site, based and run from the UK, covering all things Lucasfilm related including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ILM, LucasArts, Skywalker Sound and more. Jedi News was launched on May 4th 2007 (by James Burns and Adam Lamping) with the purpose of bringing the latest Star Wars news and views to the multitudes of fans in the UK. On August 12th 2010 Lightsabre.co.uk merged with Jedi News and Mark Newbold joined the team.


Philanthropy was very important to George Lucas — he used early screenings to raise money for charities around the world with a particular emphasis on children’s healthcare and education. Over the course of the last 35+ years, Star Wars fans have continued George’s mission to support philanthropy by volunteering their time to countless charities across the world and raising millions of dollars in donations.

Star Wars: Force for Change aims to support the immense passion and goodwill of the Saga's fans and promote change through inspiration, stories and meaningful partnerships.

18 December 2015