Part two of our top sites for creating a gorgeous outdoor space come summer.

This week, we turn our attention to our immediate surroundings, a windowsill that yearns colour, a neglected terrace or garden. The spring has arrived and all too quickly, we will be donning sun hats so we recommend that you get going on your outdoor space, however small or large. Buy some garden chairs and a table, a summerhouse or something for the kids to play with. It'll be worth it come cocktail hour.


Sitting at your desk, looking out through a slightly too sparse window? Then look no further than Balcombe Street Window Box Company, aside from what it says in the tin, this extremely impressive company offers a whole host of patio pots and hanging baskets. No surprise that founder Martine Davis was (for many years) the resident expert on all things green-fingered for The Lady.


Swedish furniture, containers and planters, tools, seeds and vintage products, everything you need to make the most of your balcony, it's all taken care of at The Balcony Gardner - think Deliverance but for gardens.


So now that spring has sprung you've got more than enough time to look into giving your garden some much needed TLC, that's where the expertise of founder Gilbert Stedham comes in; his eclectic range of garden furniture extends to outdoor games including a huge spillikin set which promises hours of fun. The beautiful summerhouses also deserve a mention, if you're looking for extra space or office in your home.


Now one for the kids and boy won't they thank you, Cheeky Monkey treehouses, lake house cabins, rope bridges, you'll have a garden right out of Swiss Family Robinson in no time, swings, fort designs, it's all there for the taking. A veritable children's dream come true.


If the treehouse isn't enough, then head straight for Climbing Frames UK, the site with a vast number of options when it comes to rock wall ladders, monkey bars and extra long slides, it's the Toys R'Us of climbing frames.


And last but certainly not least what says spring more than a few jumps on a trampoline? They are merely the beginning however, there's a whole host of other play accessories on offer here including garden swings and play centres.

27 March 2014