We regularly come across great websites that don't fit a specific niche - here are our latest finds.

We're giving you a holiday from The GWG Summer School (for one week only). Consider this your reading sojourn, because we regularly come across great websites that don't fit a specific niche. Sites we accrue on our regular trawl of the WWW. Here are our latest finds: fashion, mixed with a healthy dose of current affairs, via a delightful Segway into vocabulary and fitness. Peruse at your leisure.


Fashion is where it's at on The Cut but crucially with a healthy dose of politics sex, celebrity and beauty (what more could you need?). This is a chic utilitarian site with an interface that's seriously user friendly. It's also the highbrow melange of fashion, culture and current affairs that consumes the urban sybarite.


For the fashion lovers amongst you. It's a while till the next 'week' you can keep abreast of the latest goings on via this healthy does of insider gossip, trends and tips. Designer style, runway shows and advice on how to improve your look. Because it takes dedication to stay at the cutting edge.


Who doesn't harbour a serious dose of affection for Love Magazine? The plethora of high end fashion images, contributors at the top of their game not to mention ebullient editorial; this is the nadir of fashion journalism. Essential reading for those in the know.


Oh how we love urban dictionary, when you just can't think of the appropriate word and want something just slightly left of field. If your hive mind hasn't thought of it, chances are urban dictionary has the answer. Amongst a plethora of other suggestions.


All those niggling little irritations that need to be smoothed out, how to do something and do it quickly. That's where this curated list of speedy hacks really comes into its own. Dare we say it, but a really rather life changing site.


Are you a wine lover? Want to know everything about a particular vintage at the mere scan of a bottle? Then head to the site where all it takes is a mere scan of the label to unlock the secrets held within the bottle.


Feel lonely exercising? Can't afford a personal trainer, then this is the site for you. It's a comprehensive aid to all things in the field of health and fitness. Monitor your progress and track your journey from your Vicky Pollard alter ago to the Olympian you know is just dying to come out.

21 August 2015