Best Sites for SEO

We've compiled a handy list of sites either for you to learn the basics of SEO.

August is almost upon us and whilst we may not go the way of the French by taking the whole month off, there's significantly more time to ruminate on how best to increase the stronghold of your web presence. SEO is the first thing you should be looking at, just to help you along we've compiled a handy list of sites either for you to learn the basics, or to get someone to do the hard work for you.


This is the top site/blog and for good reason. It's full to the brim not only with excellent SEO advice but insights into online marketing.

The company are also the purveyors of market leading software that facilitate much of the drudgery; analytics, link building opportunities, and perhaps most important of all - keyword difficulty, how to make yourself known amongst the more common of phrases.


This community with training and online videos is just what the doctor ordered for those of you beleaguered by the seeming complexity of SEO.

The SEO book By Aaron Wall will enlighten, and the plethora of free services housed on the site will expand further. You can even learn along other web explorers, direct from master Wall for only $10 per day.


For those of you looking for a global reach this is one of the very finest digital agencies offering to revolutionise your web presence.

At the forefront of digital developments here and abroad, this is the 'daddy' if you will. Made up of native linguists you can be sure your content will fit your target market, however far from base that may be.

Read our My Web feature with head of SEO Jimmy McCann here.


If you would just really rather be on holiday, well there's no shame if you can afford to employ a team.

Screaming Frog deal with mid to large size companies and their client list has to be seen to be believed. They will deliver anything from pay per click management to social media marketing via SEO.


When you're taking the first steps to boost your online presence, Tudor Lodge Consultants can dispel many of the myths surrounding the art of SEO, PPC and more.

This North London based consultancy offers its clients a cost effective alternative to using more expensive agencies, through its flexible approach. They can even work in your office and train your staff. You can use the services as and when you need them, giving you flexibility whilst offering good value.


How many times have we heard the old adage 'content is king'? Yes it's not enough to deliver up highly reactive words, they need to be housed in a reader friendly package. That's where Precise English comes in with the right balance of keywords, enough but not too many.

The company offers expert SEO copywriting services, that will help you build your brand's presence without compromising style.

And to finish hear from Entrepreneur Elizabeth Hudson of Cream Consultancy on how PR and SEO are now intrinsically linked here.

27 July 2015