Pick a park, roll out the blanket, and pop the champagne - now all that's missing is the perfect picnic basket. Aaand... cue our curated list.

Oh how this summer has pulled its oar out – who’s complaining about the weather now hmmm? Yes it’s time to get out there and make the most of the scheduled heat wave that is making its way to our shores faster than you can say ‘pass the factor 50.’ In light of this turn up for the books – it’s time for some Pimms, a toast to Andy and oh yes, a picnic! Order all your food online and you’ll enjoy it even more…


Simple, to the point and most of all time saving, the team at Lunchbox World are all about finding the perfect packaging for your homemade lunches, and in a time of austerity what could be more welcome? The range is seriously comprehensive, curated by founder Caroline Job who has made it her mission to find the most stylish kit, to take the stigma out of bringing your own.


if Italian food is your poison, but the seriously high end, beautifully packaged end of the market is what you're after, then this is the site you’ll want bookmarked. It’s all top of the range (and comes straight from Italy) from the auspicious, and much hallowed deli shop of the lauded La Vialla estate.


If you’ve got a predilection for tapas, Serrano ham or the myriad of other flavours hailing from Spain, then this is the site you want to visit. It’s replete with ‘the finest Galician wines and Artisan food,’ and they certainly don’t put a foot wrong.


Whilst you might not be able to order their incredible burgers directly from the site (check out Ocado), Muddy Boots Burgers deserve a mention for their top quality barbecue fare. These are incredibly high quality offerings that could well have come straight from your local butcher.


This seriously upmarket butchers sells all its wares online and is just the ticket for those of you catering for the carnivores at the table. They even do barbecue meat boxes, which will take just about all the stress out of entertaining.

Forman and Field is one of our perennial favourites here at The GWG, why? Because the quality of what’s on offer is seriously unrivalled. Beautiful packaging, innovative flavour combinations with a decidedly British feel. Perfect for the summer to end all summers.


Olives, oh how we love them, the black, the green, the big, the small, the stuffed. You name it, if it’s fallen from a tree Olives et Al will stock it. But that’s not all, there are nuts, sauces and dressings too, not to mention fab recipes all at the click of a mouse.


If it’s gift style food you’re after (a range that will seriously impress the mother in law) then Delimann certainly deserves a mention. The site is full of Devon goodness, with locally sourced produce, gifts and west country hampers. It’s all there in abundance (you can even plan ahead to the next Harvest Festival, should you be that organised).



Where would the picnic be without the bubbly to go with it? That’s where Sparkling English Wine, the company on a mission to usurp the traditional offerings of the Champagne region of France. Do a blind taste test and just see if you can tell the difference – we can’t.



If champagne isn’t your tipple of choice, how about a specialist beer? Yes they’re all the rage don’t you know, with beer festivals popping up right, left and centre. Buy as a gift or join the much hallowed beer club to get a personally selected variety delivered straight to your door.

Too lazy to put the picnic together at all?
Just opt for a hamper (with all the hard work done for you). Bea's of Bloomsbury and Hackney Hamper are well worth a try.

July 2013.