Best Sites for Parenting

In aid of yet another half term, we've done some of the hard work for you by rounding up the very best sites for parenting - ahh and relax...

With half term across the majority of the UK this week, we thought we’d give all you parents out there a helping hand and scour the web to find the very best advice for raising your kids. Whether you’re dealing with twins, the terrible twos, or the descent into puberty – you’ll find all the advice you could possible need with this handy list of sites. Phew at least that’s one thing less to worry about!


No parenting site list would be complete without Mumsnet; the UK’s busiest social network for parents, providing a place to share support, knowledge and advice as well as indulge in a bit of much needed humour. The brainchild of Justine Roberts, the site was conceived out of a disastrous family holiday - we can't help indulging in a touch of schadenfreude as it’s our go to site for everything child and parent related. Whatever the issue – you're sure to find the solution here.

Relate for Parents

Relate is a charity dedicated to supporting people with a variety of relationship issues through counselling, education, training and campaigns aimed at policy makers. This site is dedicated to parents and those who work with them. There is a support library, web chat with a counsellor and tools to explore family dynamics. If you have any kind of child/parent relationship issues, this is your top online destination.

The Green Parent

The Green Parent website is dedicated to bringing you the latest green news, in-depth articles and tips on keeping your parenting eco friendly. A site of the future…

Being a Step parent

With a huge surge in divorce rates, step parenting is more the norm than ever. Step in incredibly useful site Being a Step Parent, with advice and support on issues ranging from difficult children, how to deal with partners and ex partners all the way through to financial settlements – this is an online portal that is sure to make your life a whole lot easier.


'Comprehensive' is the buzzword at the brilliant Netmums, because at this site you literally will be hard pushed to find an aspect of parenting that hasn't been covered. Whether it's work & childcare, pregnancy or activities to entertain - you'll find it all under one exceptionally colourful roof. There's even a search facility to hook you up with thousands of local listings, so you can really make the most of your local community.

For those of you blessed with more than one child at a time, The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is the panacea. The charity; set up by parents of twins, triplets or higher multiples (who need all the help they can get) offers reams of helpful advice from professionals and other parents. Great for the lead up too; if you’ve just discovered you’re expecting more than one happy arrival.

Another handy resource; the highlights of this nifty domain include ‘how to parent’ videos, a directory of parenting related services by UK County and support articles by child age. 


Sick of disappointing dolls, misleading labelling or pointless playthings? Well, Toytalk aims to review every newly released toy in the UK to give parents an idea of what they are purchasing before they hand over any cash. If you’re on a budget or just want to assure yourself of the quality of what you’re buying - here's your answer.

This site for single parents is chock full of learning resources including courses on assertiveness, confident parenting, work, and surviving domestic violence. There is online 1-2-1 (confidential) advice on finances, housing, relationships and legal issues, as well as information on local events and an online forum to share advice between parents. For those struggling with single parenthood this is quite simply a god send.

Connect Safely

Last but not least, Connect Safety certainly deserves a mention; the US site with a forum designed to give parents and older children a voice in the public discussion about online safety. If your home is hooked up to the Internet then this is the place to ensure nothing gets through that portal without your prior consent. After all – you never can be too careful.

04 june 2012.