Best Fashion Blogs

From street fashion and vintage wardrobes to style DIYs & selfies, these are some of the best.

We’re nothing if not enamoured with the world of fashion here at The GWG and never more so than when it comes to the attributes of our favourite bloggers, but over the last few years a whole new crop of unrivalled blogging talent has risen up through the ranks; young men and women who certainly have something to say about the trends, designers and industry led musings of the moment. So for all of you looking for some fresh blood - here is our curated list.

‘Eye candy for the style hungry’ is the tag line and this is one blog that definitely delivers, photographer and style maven Yvan Rodic is out there scouring London’s streets for the very best street style so endemic of our beloved British Isles. If you want a decidedly UK based insight – then this should be your first port of call.


If you’re after a more arts and crafts element to your fashion inspiration, along with a whole host of tips (here’s one we made earlier), then head straight to P.S. I Made This. You will never look at a pair of scissors the same way again.

Alice Zielasko is the curator of this blog, and while it may be hot off the press in more ways than one, her beady eye on all things fashion is clear to see. Definitely one to watch.

A US based blog that’s not for the faint-hearted; this is a cornucopia of the wild, wacky and highly original. Plus there’s way more than just fashion to indulge in of a lunch break, there’s philosophy, inspirational women and stream of consciousness from the one and only Shala Monroque, log on and you’ll see why.

DIY rears its head again with this delightful contribution from founders Elsie and Emma, who are on hand to offer you a veritable Pandora’s box of tips to enhance your lifestyle, with fashion, décor and recipes at the forefront.

Visuals are the main focus at this sharp as a button new blog from one seriously stylish, not to mention hot looking lady. Give it up for the ‘half French, half British girl’ who’s got her eye en-vogue (the French blood explains it).

If vintage is your poison then this is the place to go, because this beautifully designed site isn’t just a blog - it’s an online boutique too, and the wardrobe of uber stylish Nicole Warne is just what makes us weak at the knees.

We’re happy because, we just stumbled across the top class blogging talent that is Frances Davison, she’s a Central St Martins graduate (go figure) she’s got a veritable addition to selfies, Instagram and all kinds of social media, and her clothes are pretty hot too. The glass is indeed ‘half full’.

Young, playful, eclectic, Marlene’s way of combining her love of fashion with an iconoclastic way of documenting it has us all in a tizz. She likes, ‘punk rock tunes, pastel hues and platform shoes’ and isn’t afraid to say it.

Double trouble comes in the form of wing-women Claudia Helen and Frances Glory, who are busy reigniting their wardrobes with some mojo, by reviving old outfits, putting together new ones and in the process starting a whole legion of upwardly mobile new trends. Plus the site is beautiful to look at; simplicity itself.

If it’s the very specific look of the East you’re after then indulge in some trendspotting at Style East. It does exactly what it says on the tin – scours the East End and then brings you some lovely high res images, with insightful charming commentary – which quite frankly is just what we were after.

Last but by no means least, Kavita Donkersley deserves a mention for being such a fashion pro at the tender age of 20. In addition to her style tips (which she’s been pumping out onto the web since the age of 16) she’s a dab hand at web editing with a beautifully curated site. Kavita, we salute you.

June 2013