The most popular weekly round up of best sites around a theme. These are the ones that you liked the most in 2015.

To round off 2015, we take a look at the pages you liked the most, the ones that garnered the most clicks and hopefully, set you off in a new direction online.

Each week, we bring you the best sites around a theme and it is these that hit the spot.

Self motivation - As the infamous quote says, 'Time once squandered is lost forever.' Here are some sites to help get your life back on track.

Self publishing - Don't want to wait half your life for that Penguin deal? Cue: self publishing. All the cool kids are doing it.

Ordering flowers online - If you want to spoil a friend or colleague or perhaps cheer yourself up, these are the sites that can help with the delivery of gorgeous bouquets and gifts.

Finding a flatmate - Whether it's a non smoking pet lover you're after or a teetotal neat freak, you'll find an incredible array of co-habitees with this fabulous compendium of flatshare resources.

Wasting time - These sites curate all manner of life affirming yet often hilariously inane content, be it videos, photos or anything that's worthy of going viral - because it's just about taking life a little less seriously. This was followed up a few months later by Best Sites for Wasting Time - Part 2.

E-cards - Forgotten to send a birthday card? These are our go-to sites when you need to send your loved ones an eco-friendly e-card or a personalised video message.

28 December 2015