Best Sites For Men's Style Blogs

The sites that are documenting the rise and rise of men's style.

There has been a (welcome) sea-change in menswear in recent years. After a disappointing decade or so of smelly trainers and baggy jeans, the boys have smartened up their act; it seems to be acceptable for men to show an interest in style and design again, to take a little pride in their clothes – and don’t they look good? A lot of the credit for this surge in sartorial standards can be placed at the feet of the style bloggers; constantly looking back through the archives and keeping their minds, ears and eyes open for new ideas and inspiration all the time.


The Sartorialist is the daddy of all the style bloggers. If you are ever in need of style stimulus (and this goes for the girls too) then this is the blog to follow. The Sartorialist has a nose for originality and good design and trots the globe with his camera, intent on capturing images of people that have a nose for it too.


Dan Trepanier, America’s ‘Best Dressed Real Man’ started his blog back in 2009. This guy is so stylish, that what began as a diary of (his own) dapperness has now inspired a devoted global following. In sharp suits, great footwear, flannel ties and parkas; the Style Blogger may be a narcissist, but he is terribly well-dressed.


The Impossible Cool is a tumblr site featuring photographs of a selection of moody mavericks and screen sirens. Each photograph reveals the insouciance and simplicity that makes a stand-out style icon. As Gore Vidal once said, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.’ All the greats are here, from Munroe to McQueen; iconic inspiration for us all.


To get yourself started on the road to debonair masculinity you may need to pay a visit to The Art of Manliness. This jaunty site tells you all you need to know about men’s style and grooming, with articles addressing the many sartorial trials that a chap can be faced with, such as ‘how to wear a scarf’ or ‘how to dress for a job interview’. For added manly kudos, you can also learn how to pick your way out of handcuffs and back up a trailer. 


This blog has a wonderfully simple premise; Roxana Altamirano posts a photograph as style inspiration and then provides links to similar items of clothing that you can purchase online and thus recreate the look. With retro style heros that include Frasier Crane and the cast of Happy Days, you can also enjoy a visual trip down memory lane as you go.


Behind The Dandy Project is the adorable Izzy Tuason, a fashion purist with an endearing writing style. Based in New York, Izzy often takes a do-it-yourself approach to menswear and features various projects and tutorials on the blog. With his keen sense for quality and thoughtful nature (a rare commodity in the fashion world) as well as the high calibre photography on the site, Izzy is a blogger really worth listening to.


Individualism is a London-based collective of creative individuals. Instead of just blogging photographs like most style bloggers, this group of videographers, designers and stylists document the world of men’s style by creating original video content. Interesting and informative, this slick and snappy blog is a refreshing way to look at menswear.


The Mister Crew is a tightly-edited selection of stuff men like, from alpine explorers to old motorbikes, vintage football photography to flat caps and guns. Although this is an American blog, the Mister Crew takes its influences from wherever the macho style wind happens to be blowing that day. Proper Boy's Own stuff.

28 February 2012