For that decidedly luxurious feel, head to any of these luxe sites for inspiration.

Luxury, what does it really mean? If you’re an avid follower of the most exclusive products, clothes and of course publications that aggregate news on the finer things in life, then our curated list of sites will bring you to a whole new level (and an elevated understanding) of our obsession with all things luxe.

No list of this nature would be complete without Nowness, the LVMH owned online magazine (and luxury portal) that aims to bring you one incredible and iconoclastic (not to mention bite sized) offering per day from one of the great minds in the world of luxury. Recent contributors include uber blogger Tavi Gevinson, Imran Amed (our very own Guest Editor no less, the founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion) and photographer Marcus Gaab.


Is it a club? Is it a magazine? It’s a bit of both. Yes, the brainchild of editor Angela Tunner who dedicates her publication to ‘Simplicity of quality, unique flare and exceptional content’. With subscribers in 70+ countries, Eat Love Savor lays claim to be at ‘the forefront in luxury-digital marketing,’ and we’ll back that up, because it's definitely worth a look.

Love magazine’s incredible website certainly deserves a mention; under the auspices of the doyenne of fashion Katie Grand (also our coveted Tweeter of the Week), there’s nothing that’s not luxurious about it. It’s up to date, up to the minute and en-vogue. Check, check and check.

Now to design; yes if you’re a little addicted to the finest boutique hotels dotted around the world and want to know how to source the eye-catching design you’ll find there, then this is the site you’ll want to browse. The team (headed up by uber talented Design Director Lucy Freedman) have managed to track down some of the front runners (and often most elusive) players on the scene and packaged them up in a domain that is the last byword in chic elegant design (sign up for their newsletters too - they're an example to us all). 

Multi-media, luxury – an incredible rosta of videos, interviews and articles on the leading lights of the luxury world... If you want a behind the scenes insight into all things luxe, this is your destination domain (don’t miss them on Youtube and Twitter), with highly curated content and exceptional access to the most exclusive events across the globe.


A recent discovery, Luxurious Magazine has a very specific manifesto: to cover all the latest happenings in the world of luxury - a broad spectrum indeed. There are thousands of articles on the industry, and their ethos is all about ‘honesty, respect and consideration.’ There’s even a YouTube channel and a dedicated selection of videos at


Another online magazine with an emphasis on the finer things, this site is exactly what you need when you’re looking to get an overview of the core players in this rarefied world. It’s simple, it’s classy and most of all it’s comprehensive – with brands including Vertu, Damiani and Sunseeker, as well as videos and a 3D interactive magazine, it's the site that delves into ‘the best life has to offer’.


So you’ve seen the clothes, the accessories, the jewellery -  and now you want to eschew the latest styles. Ready, steady, get set straight to Matches Fashion, the site where all the latest collections are curated to maximum effect. Net-a-who?


What can we say about the stellar editorial that is in constant flow at The FT's seminal publication How to Spend It? If you want a laser eyed focus on all things luxury (and we mean all things), then this is the publication to reach for. It's filled to the brim with the most incredible selection of designer fashion, accessories and even children's clothes that have (you guessed it) hardly ever been worn, it's also a refreshing change from eBay where you'll get a decent price for your much loved designer wares.

June 2013.