To celebrate the anniversary of .LONDON, here are some of the weirdest websites London has to offer.

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. A little humour, a little quirky nonchalance to brighten the rigmarole of your web browsing. Weird and wonderful we've teamed up with GoDaddy (one of the UK's leading web host providers) to scour the web to celebrate the one year anniversary of the .LONDON domain name. For some background: The .LONDON domain, available to buy since September 2014, enables business to highlight their connections with the capital or associate themselves with the global city. Twenty percent of Europe's largest companies are headquartered there, and small businesses can join this group by basing their web presence there too. Without further ado, here are some of the weirdest websites London has to offer.


A site for hot under the collar Londoners to declare their love for the perfect strangers they’ve spotted on the Underground. Go on, you know you always wanted to.


Why waste your lunchtime wandering round, staring vacantly at the billion pound mega structures London erects on a daily basis when there are thousands of quirky, disused old buildings that deserve your attention? This site offers an insider's view. Bookmark it now.


Ever studied the pigeons of London? Luke Taylor has. A lot. This half-serious, half-ridiculous look at our grey feathered friend is an entertaining read that will make you extremely grateful you're not a pigeon.


Because why not? Save yourself buying a sandwich from Pret every time nature calls and check out this detailed map of every public loo currently open in London. You may balk but it's mighty useful.


It’s a dating site. For people working with death. Pathologists. Taxidermists. Undertakers. You name it. A worthy endeavour for those struggling to meet the right 'soul' mate.


Ever wondered where in London former-Prime Minister Georgie Canning temporarily lived? Well no more. This site maps out every single blue plaque across the capital – handily accessible through your web browser.


Not strictly just a website – but something this quirky certainly needs to be included. Office workers in East London can now work from a small elevated treehouse in the middle of a park. It doesn’t get more hipster. For further info on the scheme, click on the link above.

October 2015