Sites to bookmark for the budding entrepreneur and business owner.

To state the obvious it's extremely hard to launch a business, even in the current marginally less austerity led climate, four out of five businesses fail and it's not for want of trying. There are however a myriad of tools available to aid the budding entrepreneur. These are the sites to bookmark.


This not for profit company has a simple mission statement: to help. This site is full of resources such as funding advice, news and events, stories and mentoring all from the heart of the king of startups, Branson himself.


Enterprise Nation was founded in 2005 by Emma Jones MBE. Its mission is to create ‘an inspirational environment for business owners and would-be entrepreneurs, a supportive community’. That includes business how to’s, endless events and a strong focus on small businesses. It does all this and more. Read our full in depth brains with Emma here and find her favourite apps here.


The Donut stable of sites are well worth perusing, they offer everything from marketing to IT and tax advice. Law Donut in particular helps small businesses with all things legal, saving SMEs both time and money with their highly efficient service (their founding partner is Google no less).


Founder Doug Richard champions the entrepreneurial spirit. You'll find him speaking at his popular events up and down the country, giving entrepreneurs a voice and creating a culture that supports and promotes both innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK. This is achieved by giving small businesses access to world class business advice either through its events or via the online resources.


StartUp Britain is a campaign and web platform for entrepreneurs starting out or growing their business. With support from the Government, entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and founding sponsors such as Microsoft and Barclays, StartUp Britain is a great first step to get your business off the ground.


Everywoman is the UK's leading provider of training, resources and support services for women who mean business. Working to increase the number of women in the UK as well as their economy and status, it offers guidance, support and resources, solutions to help businesses attract and retain female talent and training for corporate workers who want to become innovative, successful leaders.


Imagine if every small business had a guardian angel to help it succeed? The Business Guardian Angel from AXA you can get all of the advice and information you need to really get ahead. The site offers free business tools, surveys and articles as well as exclusive deals that can benefit the small businesses being run on a tight budget.


The British Library Business & IP Centre in London launched in March 2006 and supports entrepreneurs, inventors and small businesses from that first spark of inspiration to a successful launch and further development. Over two hundred thousand entrepreneurs have benefited from free access to the UK's most comprehensive collection of business and intellectual property databases and publications, and gained general startup advice, information on funding sources, market research, company data, business news and information on patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright.


With unstable financial climates and public cash drying up, it's tough for businesses to find funding. With eighteen months of research into over 1000 sources of business funding this site offers asset finance, cash advances, commercial mortgages, equity investment, grants, invoice discounting, invoice factoring and loans, Business Funding can intelligently guide you to the best investors or providers for your business.

April 2015