Don't want to franticly raid the Selfridges shelves on Holy Saturday along with the hoard of other last minute shoppers? Cue these helpful sites...

Yes it's that time of year again - and though it may not be Christmas, Hannuokah, or New Year, there are quite a few of you who expect to be doted on, spoilt and generally made to feel like a princess over this sprightly Easter period. If you're the one who's meant to be doing the pampering, fear not because we've got a whole host of sites up our sleeves that will still deliver in time for next Friday. And, without further ado - here they are...


Easter is nothing without a huge dose of cocoa, yes if you want the best eggs money can buy then head straight to the experts of confectionary. Their eggs are just to die for... can we have one more? Or three. Or twenty... 


The bastion of last minute gifts seriously comes up trumps with its Easter offerings. With a wide range that include experiences so diverse as incredible city breaks alongside chocolate tasting workshops, you're sure to find a gift to delight and amaze.


This website is one of our newest finds here at The GWG, and we're completely taken in, not only with its charming design - but a range of gifts that make us quiver with longing (in fact we might have to buy them all for ourselves). Even better if you use the EASTER 10 code you'll get 10% off! Now that's just what we like to hear.


Perennial favourites here at The GWG, Foreman & Field continue to delight us with their incredible hampers. Joy of joys there's still plenty of time to have one winging its way to your door come next week - now the only problem is, which one do you choose...


Nikki Tibbles's site is a glorious homage to the particular beauty of the rose in all its forms. If you're really late (and you're only just reading this feature next week) well then flowers are the way forward, and you'll definitely recoup some plaudits with the incredible blooms on offer.


When it comes to Easter, this is the site that goes all out. You won't find their cute as a button crafts in any traditional retail establishments. Go on, decorate your entire house with some incredible one-off decorations and make this one Easter to remember.


Yes it might seem a little incongruous, but believe us if you're on a tight budget this Easter then the Poundland site is well worth a visit; if you want a legion of fun, bright, mostly disposable decorations (for home and cake), not to mention tons of chocolate and toys that won't break the bank come Easter Monday, look no further.


At the other end of the spectrum, Fortnum & Mason are on hand with an incredibly bright eclectic range of gifts, hampers and chocolate bunnies galore. And there will be no question of a top quality delivery - right ahead of schedule.


If you're hoping to receive something just a little more glamorous, then direct your beloved's attention to Alex Monroe. The utterly delightful selection of bees, foxes, dragonflies and animals on chains are perfect for conjuring a bit of that Easter spirit. What can we say? Brownie points in a box.

March 2013.