Best Sites for E-Post

Be eco friendly, cost effective, and time saving when sending e-cards from these creative sites.

It’s frugal February and the whole length and breadth of 2013 lies ahead, filled with all manner of exciting events like birthdays, anniversaries, parties to organise, parties to celebrate and at the end of it all – people to thank. What better way than to take advantage of the legions of brilliant new sites popping up across the web? Just to help you out a bit we’ve sized up the very best competitors, and then compared their various strengths and failings to bring you a short list worthy of attention. Plus they’re all eco friendly – which has to be a major USP.

Paperless Post

Yes this site really has to be up there with the greats of e-post. What event hasn’t been enhanced by the addition of a beautiful PP invite winging its way into your inbox? The templates are to die for, the options are endless, there are a myriad of free samples to choose from, and best of all the effort is minimal – need we say more? (Oh yes – you get 12 free e-cards to start with…)

Some E-Cards

Another brilliant addition to the e-card market, this site is a well-designed paragon of virtue dedicated to finding you the perfect stationary. Whether it’s a humorous card to win you some brownie points, or a personalised declaration of love – you’ll be hard pushed to miss it here.

This site definitely deserves a mention; as it really does take the whole e-card convention to a new level by adding video footage and movement to your humble stationery. It’s cool, it’s quirky and it brings you ‘cards that don’t suck’ - which just about says it all really.


Feel like putting the cat amongst the pigeons? Then head straight to Wrongcards where you’ll find a host of incredible templates that can’t fail to rally a smirk or (who knows) even a smile in someone you care about. If you’re in the doghouse – this is your destination domain.

Jaqueline Lawson

Good old Jacquie Lawson; what a bastion of the e-card industry. Yes this is the site loved by mothers, aunts and grandmothers alike. The designs are artistic, elegant (even moving) and won’t offend in the slightest. If that’s your target audience – click away.

Card Karma

Card Karma equals good karma when it comes to expressing your compassion for loved ones. Create your perfect (and free!) e-card by choosing from an exceptional range of beautiful photographs from Flickr, and make your card even more lively and interactive by using YouTube footage. You can make it cute, vintage, or put flowers on it if you like - whatever you do, with Card Karma it will be special.

Group Card

Whether you're looking to spread the appreciation for your teacher helping you all pass that dreaded exam, or Grandma has reached a hundred but the family is thousands of miles apart - Group Card is your go-to. Select yourself the perfect card and get e-mailing everyone to collect their signatures. It’s time-saving, cost effective, and with their last card having over 6,000 signatures, it just goes to show that no event is too big for them to turn down. Good to know ahead of that mammoth card that’s going to be needed when your best friend's promotion comes through.

February 2013.