Recycling at its best, one man's rubbish could be another man's treasure, at a car boot sale near you.

Car boot sales are ever popular as a family outing at weekends. Whether as a buyer or seller, this is recycling at its best and who knows, you might be lucky enough to pick up a real gem that you can flog for a fortune. Car boot sales have come a long way too as they are most definitely back in fashion. While not so long ago, a morning spent flogging your old junk from the boot of your Volvo was about as glamorous as your local chippy, these days, it is seen as a more than credible way to pass your Sunday morning. So, to help you stay with the times, here are some of the best sites to help you find a car boot near you.

Capital Carboot

This is a sophisticated car boot sale, if ever there was one but for London dwellers only as it has yet to extend beyond its present central location. It takes place every Sunday, come rain or shine with indoor and outdoor pictches, at the Pimlico Academy in Lupus Street, SW1V 3AT. Expect to find vintage fashion and collectables alongside a similarly cosmpolitan crowd.

Car Boot Junction

One of the fastest growing car-boot directories, this helps you to find car-boot sales local to your area and offers some handy advice to both buyers and sellers – a good thing when you consider the possible pit-falls of car-boot sales. You'll also find information on additional facilities, disabled access, refreshments etc.


Another useful site that's well organised with listings of car boot sales in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The site also lists school and charity events, local markets and antique fairs. Search for car boot sales in your area and you can rate them as well.

Boot Fairs

This is a comprehensive website, listing upcoming car-boot fairs and posting a mixture of funny, off-beat and informative news stories on its favourite subject. A good site for the dedicated car-boot sale goer.

Carboot Calendar

In addition to providing online listings, this company publishes an Event Magazine five times a year with car boot sale information. Priding itself on regular contact with car boot sale organisers, it makes sure all information published is accurate. It also advises various television programmes regarding antiques and collecting (Flog It, Car Boot Challenge, Bargain Hunters).


Another useful resource with clear search categories (ie cars, antiques, crafts), this is a comprehensive list of UK car boots, which gives reviews and organiser details as well.

Also worth checking out is, where you'll find UK carboot sales as well as carboot sales in EU countries.

2 October 2012