Best Sites for Building a Website

Want to carve out your own slice of web heaven? These sites will help...

Since we’re all focused on our awards here at The GWG office, it’s about time we spent some time facilitating a whole new league of web aficionados; hence we’ve given up our lunch breaks and several hours to boot and set about scouring the web (as well as fiddling, testing and building) to bring you the very best sites to create your own slice of web magic. 

Square Space

This sleek, chic site comes complete with lively video montage explaining exactly how to build, build and build some more. There’s a whole section of power tools, Facebook and Twitter integration, and a 14 day trial period with a selection of templates that give you full control over your design, plus your account won’t expire in development and won’t cost you a penny until it is ready to be launched – genius!


At Moonfruit simplicity is key, with quality introduction slides, giving you a quick and easy overview. Even better the site is free, refreshing, fast, and trendy, whilst it also offers a support forum from a number of guides. Its design is brief and intelligent – which, quite frankly, is all we need!


Webeden is possibly for the more advanced web user, offering a step-by-step guide with incredible building tools, numerous template options, and most importantly the sense of fun and excitement that will inspire you to create. Use a voucher code that enables you to get higher rankings of web browsers and language variation from French to English and American English. Over 4.2 million sites have been built on this system – enough said!

Recently acquired by MOO Print, is a nice little tool to build a stylish online presence in just a few minutes, using your own url. No coding or tech geekery required on this platform. It’s essentially free with a number of layouts to choose from as well as 222 fonts. You can also pull in your social media feeds, photos and videos. The upgrade to premium membership of $20 a year gives you access to more layouts, stats, mobile layout and more.

Weebly is particularly appealing to educational institutions, with a specific section enabling teachers and students to create classroom websites and blogs, manage student accounts and even hand in homework online. There are hundreds of professional themes complete with ‘powerful hosting’; a cloud based infrastructure, providing you with superior response time and better reliability. Best of all hosting is free.


A stunning web builder with an instantly pleasing aesthetic full of light self-explanatory graphics and a variation of seven other European languages to view and create your ultimate site. At Wix  it’s easy to customise, Google-friendly with great templates for gym, baking, and property. In fact – it covers all the bases.


Webnode is a foolproof way of creating a great site. Even better, there’s no advertising, it’s free of charge and there are a range of unique themes to choose from, adding sophistication to simplicity. Utilise it for business or personal use, for a quick shortcut to a great look.


Vibrant style is the name of the game at Snappages. Yes it’s all about the funky yet serious approach with a choice of snappy themes and a snappy tool kit to boot. Further, there’s an enjoyable tour video to get you excited, whilst for a personal account you get up to five pages (1 GB) storage space free, plus personal themes offering a beautiful range of image ideas; what more could we ask for?

Offering easy viewing, a montage of themes and 7 million users worldwide, Yola’s partners include Google and Hewlett Pacard. It’s great for the advanced user, with a drag and drop function, plus a wonderful site gallery with templates including education, health, food, as well as personal features. With constant support, the site offers great security and even better exposure for your business in a record amount of time.

October 2012.