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So George Osborne has done it; delivered the first entirely Conservative Budget since 1996, when Kenneth Clarke got out that iconic red box and hasn't it offered up praise and controversy aplenty. For those interested in the entrepreneurial slant; how it will affect business, we've rounded up some expert comment, and for those more concerned with the specifics of how it affects them, the top online resources to peruse.

Karen Kerrigan, Legal and Financial Director at Seedrs, the largest crowdfunding platform in Europe to focus solely on equity investments, said: "It is encouraging that the UK Government is supporting individual choice to invest in non-traditional financial products, by introducing the Innovate Finance ISA. We look forward to participating in the consultation of whether equity crowdfunding will be eligible for inclusion in this ISA alongside its peer-to-peer cousins."

Commenting on the government’s announcement that it will make amendments to the tax-advantaged venture capital schemes, David Cobb, TMT Tax Partner at Deloitte, the business advisory firm, said:

“Business innovation is essential to the success of the UK economy. By taking steps to ensure that the tax incentives associated with venture capital schemes are not open to misuse, the government can continue to provide a healthy investment platform for the UK’s small and growing businesses. Without suitable investment, supported by these sort of tax incentives, Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses will simply struggle to grow.

"Aspiring businesses will be buoyed by this news, which helps to ensure that more of the funds available are directed towards the right sort of businesses," he goes onto say. "This also follows the recent increase in the benefit that SMEs can realise through research and development tax relief (increasing to 130% from 125%). The UK’s fledging technology sector is just one industry that will surely benefit from these incentives... Business owners can now spend less time worrying about where the money is coming from and more time devoted to improving their valuable intellectual property."

"Continued government support for innovation, entrepreneurship and the creative industries is greatly encouraged."


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Deloitte, as per the expert comment above are one of the premier business advisory firms, and its advice is first rate. They have put together a a dedicated Twitter feed on the subject, as well as a website where Bill Dodwell, head of tax policy will give regular opinions and updates. It is well worth bookmarking for those of you with some serious financial planning to do.


This brilliant firm are all about the detail. Its newsletters are a fascinating read and put into layman's terms the more complicated details that can cause brain freeze in lesser mortals. They're especially good for those in the entertainment industry, and those who are self employed. Read James Pinchbeck's commentary on the highlights and headline grabbers. They've even created a series ofhandy videos.


The big accountants are full of good advice when it comes to mitigating your tax liabilities. The biggest windfall from this year's budget was the resounding yes to inheritance tax; i.e. keeping more of your money to pass to your children in the form of property. This guide has all the facts and an excellent overview of other key policies.


The leading newspaper has created its own 'budget calculator'. Input some key information such as number of children, cars and income and you'll get an extremely accurate prediction of how you will be affected.


If you're an investor you need to think carefully about the small print that perhaps didn't garner quite as much publicity as the 'living wage'. Dividend tax for example is one thing to affect investors. This comprehensive article will cut the wheat from the chaff, and the myths from the fears so to speak.


For those of you looking to understand the budget in laymans terms, this is an excellent guide that goes further than just clarifying things for potential investors. The best selling UK investment publication consistently produces clear concise advice.


One of the biggest so called 'losers' of the budget are buy-to-let landlords, who have seen tax free exemptions such as mortgage interest relief slashed. The effect this could have on the rest of us; specifically a generation renting is quite worrying. This article delves into the detail.

10 July 2015