So many quirky sites have been popping up recently that tap into a niche - here are our top six.

So many quirky sites have been popping up recently that tap into a niche, offering up a solution for all manner of problems that modern life throws up for startups and those further afield. Here are our top six:


You send an email, and then well you wait and then you wait some more and then you wait again and then well you start the inner monologue, did it go to spam? Shall I email again? Avoid all of that with the plugin that tells you whether someone has read your email or not. It will even tell you when, how and from where. Genius (although slightly terrifying for personal relationships).


For anyone even remotely associated with the world of startups this site is a god send. It's jam packed with resources (such as job listings in the world of tech) aside from being the perfect portal to find that all important investor. Essential reading that certainly solves a problem.


Another listings site that offers up all manner of employment opportunities at the next big rock star companies. Note the blog is also full of handy tips (such as writing a job spec startup style) on how to break into the scene.


We just tripped across Gadgette (GWG Awards shortlisted) and what a welcome breath of fresh air it is, an online tech publication written entirely by women, for everyone. With a healthy mixture of social (network) commentary, style, business and online news it's a brilliant addition to your daily reading, whether you're in tech world or not.


Have we mentioned how impressed we are? This company solves a major problem affecting small businesses - the mire of costs associated with acquiring a card payment system. Just input your details online (specifying bank details for payments to be sent to etc), then izettle will send you a card reader absolutely free, download the app, plug the reader into your mobile and you're ready to go. If you've been struggling with all the problems cash entails (closed cash points, theft etc), this systemis quite literally a miracle.


Last but certainly not least, the issue of how to meet someone with whom you're compatible. The age old issue facing the determined (fifteen hour a day in the office) startup founder. This app takes a new slant by shock horror matching you via your interests rather than looks, height or any other criterion on which you've previously swiped.

27 November 2015