The sites to find those essential travel accessories.

It's about now that the January blues will be kicking in. How to combat them? Plan your next holiday of course. Inspired by our guest editor, Michael Cullen, Editor in Chief of i-escape, we've rounded up the accessories to go with the trip of a lifetime. Here are our top five:


Where would we be without our New Year's diary from luxury brand Smythson? The sale is still on so make the most of the discounts to stock up on a new travel wallet and currency purse for the jaunt, because it's never to early to invest in some seriously stylish luxury goods (monogrammed of course).


Need some advice on the type of travel gear you should pack in your rucksack or want to improve your bushcraft skills? This site that is run by hardened well-travelled experts offering up a collection of useful, ethically sourced travel accessories and gifts. There's even a skincare range as developed by founder Becci that doubles up as a cleanser of your face and your clothes. One less thing to pack.


You'd be hard pushed to see a parent without a Trunki in an airport these days, but hallelujah there are alternatives out there for the family who wants to eschew the ubiquitous plastic carry cases. Kids do Travel has a comprehensive range of wheelie suitcases, travel games, sleeping bags and car organisers. Plus the entire range has been road tested by children, giving you ultimate peace of mind.


‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,' so said St Augustine and we couldn't agree more. At this comprehensive family owned domain you'll find all the travel bags you need beautifully displayed under one roof. Whether its pilot bags, briefcases on wheels or rucksacks you're after, there's no need to trawl the high street with this incredibly rich resource full of only the highest quality merchandise.

IFSOGO has a back to basics approach and this is reflected in their simple to use website. They offer a secure and reliable service, turning round orders within twenty-four hours where possible. UK delivery is capped at £2.50 per order. Products are impeccably sourced and offer great value, whether you're looking for luggage, travel wallets, beach and water shoes or snorkelling gear, digital cameras and adaptors.

If you're looking for some inspiration on where to go check out our previous features on Group Holidays and Alternative Holidaysjavascript:nicTemp(); (LINK).

January 2016