Rose & Grey

The team at Rose & Grey, the inspirational homeware boutique, share some favourites.

Rose & Grey is an inspirational homeware boutique that sells an eclectic collection of vintage and modern furniture and accessories for the home. The founder, Lyndsey Goodger and her team share some favourite instagrammers with us.


We’re huge Instagram addicts here at Rose & Grey, so much so that we have been known to bump into lampposts when our heads are bent over our phones – whoops! It’s incredibly difficult to narrow down our list of favourites to just five accounts, but we have tried to pick out five people that we follow for five very different reasons. We think you’ll love them too!


We’re pretty sure that you’ll have already come across Sara’s beautiful Instagram account, but we’re adding her to our list anyway, as she curates one of the best feeds we’ve seen! We really love accounts that have a distinct aesthetic that flows throughout the feed, and Sara carefully ensures that her images all work well together as a whole, as well as individually. Not only does she take beautiful photos, allowing us a glimpse into her rustic home, but she also extends the love and provides advice for those wishing to improve their own accounts. How lovely!


Cate’s feed epitomises everything that we love about Instagram, featuring a never-ending stream of inspiring images from her home and life. Everything that she posts is carefully curated, fitting into her predominantly white and grey aesthetic that combines minimalism with a rustic touch. We love all things Scandinavian, and Cate’s beautiful home definitely has a strong Nordic influence. If there was one Instagram feed that we wish that we could step into and live inside, it would be Cate’s!


The author of one of our favourite blogs, Jeska also owns a beautifully put together Instagram feed. We can’t help but want to light a few candles and get cosy on the sofa underneath a pile of blankets after scrolling through her feed (cuddled up with a cat, of course!). Everything in Jeska’s home seems carefully considered and immaculately put together, yet her photos shine with personality and energy. We also love the abundance of plants that feature across her images, as we’re keen advocates of bringing the outdoors in!


Interior stylist, Tiffany has an impeccable eye. Based upon a predominantly white canvas, Tiffany documents all of the carefully considered small details which make her house a home. Whether that’s a scattering of plants, beautiful framed prints, or a unique DIY project, we can count on Tiff to inspire us to give a new lease of life to our homes. Her table settings are always particularly stunning, and we always look to her account for ideas before hosting dinner parties!


We’ve only recently stumbled across Renie’s feed, but it’s quickly become one of our absolute favourites! By now you’ll know that we love a Scandinavian aesthetic, nature in the home and beautiful inventive styling, so it’s little wonder that we fell in love with Renie’s stunning feed! She inspires us to add more vases into our home, and to experiment more creatively with styling their contents. We always feel the urge to go foraging after scrolling through her feed!

February 2016