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Redesigning Your Bedroom One Website at a Time

It’s the last room we see at night and the first room we see in the morning, so why not make it just right?

It would be fair to say that many of us consider the bedroom to be the most important room in the house. After all, it’s the last room we see at night and the first room we see in the morning. We all spend a lot of time there, so it makes perfect sense that everything should be exactly to our liking. Of course, it’s not always possible to have a dream bedroom. You might be renting a furnished apartment and can’t exactly swap things at your will. You may also have a partner who simply likes things the way they are and doesn’t wish for change.

But maybe, just maybe, you’re in that sweet spot of owning your own home, are living alone, or at least have a partner who isn’t particularly bothered about how the bedroom looks. So if you’re that lucky person and you have the itch to switch things up a bit, then consider one or all of these websites to redesign your bedroom.


Ikea makes decent furniture that is affordable and easy to transport, no doubt about it, but there is only really one problem: so many others have the same items. It can be hard to feel special or unique with your bedroom design when you’ve seen your neighbour or friend with the same bed frame, same dressing table, same bedside table, etc. Therefore, going the vintage or reclaimed route is a highly viable option for furniture these days, as the items not only have a bit of history and individuality to them, but can look utterly amazing.

We previously mentioned the great work that Modish Living are doing with reclaimed wood, but it’s also worth browsing Etsy if you’re in the mood for some extremely interesting concepts when it comes to furniture in the bedroom. The prices are normally a bit higher than Ikea of course, but you’re paying for more attention to beauty and originality.


It can be a very alarming wake-up call to someone who realises that their mattress is a touch over ten years old. Perhaps this is understandable, as getting rid of the old one and the hassle of buying a new mattress are reason enough to avoid replacing it at all. 9-10 years is usually the recommended lifespan of a mattress, so if that timeframe coincides with your desire to shape up your bedroom, then this is the perfect opportunity to view the next website. Eve is an online-exclusive company, and will deliver its mattresses in a surprisingly small cardboard box. The homepage can tell you all you need to know about sizes and prices, but if you require a tested review of the product, then reading this evaluation can give you a quick summary.


The joy of taking photos on your phone and uploading them to Instagram is its direct shareability — and of course the myriad of editing options. Millions of other people can see your photos and share their appreciation of them. However, how often do you actually look at your own photos? We might spend so much time giving likes and comments to others, that we actually forget to view the photos we took time and care over. Not that you always need to toot your own horn, but there’s definitely something to be said for appreciating your own work too. To this end, CanvasPop is a great site that can print out your Instagram photos onto canvas, and then ship them to your door. It’s a lot of fun to scatter your bedroom walls with not only the canvas prints, but memories of those times as well.

February 2017