Bake your way to the perfect summer tea with this excellent blog.

As a Guild of Food Writers Award winner in 2012 and a runner up in 2013, Poires au Chocolat is a well-established favourite on the food blogging scene.


Started in 2009 by Oxford graduate Emma Garner, this blog focuses on baking, puddings and various other sweet treats, offering a wide range of well-conceived, well-explained, well-photographed and genuinely appealing recipes that tempt the taste buds as much as they expand the waistline….


Emma’s interest in baking stems from a six month stint studying pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in London. She says she has mixed feelings about the experience, but it has, nevertheless, given her a solid foundation on which to base her blog, while creating baking recipes that can be relied upon to work.


Poires au Chocolat has all bases covered when it comes to baking and the recipe list here is extensive, covering everything from loafs, cheesecakes, tarts and pies to ice-cream, jams, buns, biscuits and more. A nice touch comes with the Foundations Index, which gives lessons on staple baking techniques such as making rough puff pastry or egg yolk custard, icing cakes or creaming butter and sugar.

July 2013