Fancy a robotic chef? The ultimate kitchen gadget by Moley Robotics is crowdfunding.

Will the robotic chef replace chefs? Fund the ultimate kitchen gadget
What is the ultimate kitchen gadget? A robot chef, obviously. Hugely ambitious London-based startup, Moley Robotics, claim to have created the world’s ‘first fully-automated and integrated intelligent’ cooking robot, and now they are seeking more funds. Each robot is designed to learn, prepare and cook recipes, and even clean up afterwards. Moley Robotics is hoping to persuade investors to buy into its vision for the future of high-end kitchens. This month, they launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrsseeking to raise £1 million for its new chef robots and offering 2.6% equity.

Space-age it may seem but the backing is there. Within a week, the company had already achieved £842,000 from nearly 198 investors. Funding will go towards the building of an industrial prototype of the robot kitchen featuring the workstation, robot arms and utensils to prepare food. They will develop further cooking techniques and expand the recipe library to up to 100 recipes. Moley’s team says, ‘We believe that one day, you’ll be able to install our cutting-edge technology in your home at a cost that’s comparable to a traditional kitchen renovation.’

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November 2016