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Letters to Nigel Slater

Find beautiful writing from a mother of seven in this charming food blog.

Back in 2011, Hilary Karen (a.k.a Martha Muffett) was looking for inspiration to feed her family and started reading Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries. She soon realised that their paths ran in parallel – he was “the care-free-man-about-town with immaculate taste”; she “the care-worn single mother of seven out in the sticks”, but each added “a ladle of love to the food they provide for others”. So began her blog, Letters to Nigel Slater.

It is probably fair to say that anyone with a great love of food and cooking (and also gardening and interiors – have you seen the man’s house?), is slightly besotted with Nigel Slater. He is one of the few cookery writers whose books and recipes make one feel very loved and cherished and you just know that he does life very well.

In her blog of dedication to the great man himself, Hilary cooks up his recipes and writes about them and her own life as though writing a letter to him directly. She writes beautifully about life in the country, the changing seasons and nature and is clearly an accomplished cook too.

The gold lies in this quality and care of writing, her simple joy in cooking for others, and her homage to the lost art of letter writing.

February 2016